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Hello and welcome to My Journey to Madrid. My name is Tiffany and I'm from Leicester, United Kingdom. I am a third year student at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) currently on placement year in Madrid! 

The story goes...
In November 2014, I applied for the role of a teaching assistant at an international Spanish school...a few days later, I had an interview via Skype. It was a long two month wait to hear back from them but on January 23rd 2015, I was offered the placement! And now?

I am living in Madrid along with 13 other teaching assistants doing the same placement as myself - for different durations. My placement role is a TA (Teaching Assistant) at SEK International School (El Castillo) Madrid. I am assisting primary school students for 10 months (wish me luck!) From this year abroad, I hope to gain a lot of different experiences and to improve on my personal skills! Not only have I been lucky enough to teach English in Europe, I also get the opportunity to explore Spain whilst doing so - what more could you want from a job?! 

I will try my best to blog as often as I can - showing you all the cool things I am doing out here! If you've been to Madrid before and know of any fun things to do/visit/good restaurants, drop me a message :)

Visit my blog regularly if you wish to follow me on this new, exciting adventure!  

- Tiffany 

Feel free to contact/follow me via:
Email - tiffanychung@hotmail.co.uk or chungt@aston.ac.uk
Twitter - TiffanyChung_
Facebook - Tiffany Chung
Instagram - TiffanyChung_

Posts are below!

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#20 Goodbye, 2015... Hello, 2016! 
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